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Lauren Kersey

Lauren Kersey

Lauren Kersey is a PO Student originally from Norman, Oklahoma. She is a current student at UT Southwestern pursuing a degree in Prosthetics-Orthotics. Kersey is a first-year ROMP ambassador and plans on using her passions and experiences to spread awareness and opportunities to grow the ROMP world!

Apart from school and being a ROMP ambassador, Kersey enjoys painting, playing volleyball, and hiking. 

Her 'Why': I first heard about ROMP from my 2nd year PO student mentor. She was the previous ROMP representative for UTSW and after hearing about the projects she got to participate in, I knew I wanted to get involved. I am excited to get involved with Mobility May, Climb 4 ROMP, and even doing a component drive. ROMP is helping so many people around the world and I am just excited to be a little part of it. 

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  • Justin Santamaría  * ROMP Ecuador
    Justin Santamaría * ROMP Ecuador

    I always try to motivate myself and people around me.

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