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C4C Partners

C4C Partner Benefits

Let's turn potential prosthetic waste into mobility for ROMP patients! Let us help you clean out your clinic by recycling the supplies and components you no longer need.

By becoming an official C4C partner, you will receive the following benefits: 

  1. Be advertised through ROMP as an official drop off site in your community (email, social, and website map).
  2. Logo and link on our website.
  3. Have access to our marketing materials for your clinic and patients.
  4. Engage your staff and local volunteers in limb disassembly days.
  5. All shipping of components covered through ROMP. 
  6. Be notified when your recycled components have changed a life through ROMP! 

Tax Deductible Donation to ROMP

$500 per clinic to be an official partner. 

$2,500 per company (10 clinic locations or less*).

Note: can be part of an existing larger partnership. 

*if you have more than 10 clinics that would like to be drop off sites, please reach out to to discuss partnership options.

Current C4C Partners

Ready to partner? 

Reach out to now while we are building our site out!

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