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Eric Neufeld

Eric Neufeld

Eric Neufeld, CPO, FAAOP, Founder, and Medical Director at Agile Orthopedics, the only mobile prosthetic and orthotic provider in Colorado.  Eric has been a managing partner and lead clinician with several of the nation’s largest private orthotic/prosthetic practices. He earned a BA Degree from the University of Wisconsin, and then received his Orthotic education at the University of Connecticut and his Prosthetic education from Northwestern University. Eric is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.

Eric is the co-founder of the Range of Motion Project (ROMP).

Eric's Why:  The principle of "you get what you give" has always resonated with me. During our early career days, I was deeply inspired by Dave's international outreach efforts, which sparked a calling within me to contribute in a meaningful way. This led me to collaborate with Josh Kaplan (the brains of the operation) who helped us formalize our mission and establish ROMP in 2005. Since then, my journey with ROMP has been filled with countless moments of joy, adventure, challenges, and growth. 

Favorite ROMP Moment:  The early clinic trips to Zacapa (2005-2010) working hard, sweating in the lab, improvising with what was on hand, working late into the night, connecting with the patients, new friends and colleagues and the community are my favorite ROMP (and life!) moments. 

Our Impact Since 2005

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