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Lea Richer

Lea Richer

Léa Richer is a CPO from the Chicagoland area.  She is a graduate of the Century College and Concordia University, St. Paul with a Masters of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics and is currently working as a clinician at a hospital in the Chicago area. Richer is one of ROMP’s 2024 Ambassador team and plans on using her passions and experiences to grow the ROMP Ambassador program.

Apart from school, work, and being a ROMP ambassador, Richer enjoys cooking, hiking, and adventuring with friends around the world. 

Her ‘Why’: What made you get involved with ROMP as one of their Ambassadors? Being an Ambassador was something that I hoped one day I would be able to do, so when I was invited the answer was a clear yes.  Being an Ambassador is how I can serve the organization and people who have given me so much; in my education, how I think about patient care, and the friendships that have from being a part of ROMP. 

Favorite ROMP Moment: My favorite ROMP moment is not a specific time, but something that happens each time I run into someone I know from ROMP.  It's the friendship and connection you have and find with people in the ROMP community, whether you see them every week or its the first time you have met them. 

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