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ROMP Birthday Mile!

ROMP Birthday Mile

As part of our annual Mobility May celebration, we launched the Birthday Mile to get our global community together for 1 virtual mile in honor of our 18 years! On Friday, May 26th move just 1 mile (or more!) and donate $18 in honor of every year ROMP has been changing lives. 

If you are signed up for Mobility May, make sure to log your ROMP birthday mile(s) to your Mobility May page! Our goal is 1,000 people representing all 50 states and 20 countries moving 1 mile for us on our birthday! 

Fill out the form we know where you are and share a birthday message with ROMP!

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Donate to our Birthday!

You can donate directly to our Mobility May campaign! Choose "General Donation" or choose a team or person who's signed up for Mobility May to support their miles as they #ROMPeveryday! All donations are tax deductible and go towards our mission of providing high-quality prosthetic care. 

Birthday Mile Represent!

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