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Need a Prosthesis?

Steps for a prosthetist with an eligible patient (USA)

Step 1

First appointment: During your first evaluation of the patient, please make sure to determine their K-level, and fill out the intake form and component request form below. You will receive a copy of this form in your email for future reference, which we encourage you to print and place it in the patient's chart. 


Step 2

We will notify you and the clinic administrative contact when the patient has made the first 50% of their payment. At that time, we will send you the liner for casting, and we will email you the tracking number. 

Step 3

Second Appointment: Casting

Option 1: ROMP Fabrication: you can cast the patient with the liner, and send the cast back to ROMP with the return shipping label that was included in the liner box. 

Option 2: In-House Fabrication: you are welcome to fabricate the socket 

Step 4

When the patient makes the second 50% of their payment to ROMP, we will schedule their third appointment with you. You can fit the prosthesis with the patient, and send it back to ROMP for any final adjustments needed.

Step 5

We send the prosthesis back with the adjustments advised by the prosthetist and now it should be ready to be delivered. We will coordinate the final appointment for delivery. If the patient consents, please take some photos during this visit and send to ROMP at 

Step 6

Schedule any follow-up appointments: We encourage prosthetist to do regular follow-ups with patients to guarantee success through their recovery journey. Please reach out to ROMP with any patient updates or needs in the future. 

USA Co-Pay Chart Based On K-Level and Amputation Level

K2 K3
Transtibial $600 $1,000
Transfemoral $1,000 $2,000

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