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Esteban Ortiz

Esteban Ortiz

Esteban Ortiz is a Mechanical Engineer from Quito, Ecuador. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Applied Bioengineering at Rice University. Esteban has been a ROMP Ambassador since 2023 and plans on using his passions and experiences to increase the accessibility to prosthetic devices in Ecuador for people with economic vulnerability.

Apart from school, work, and being a ROMP ambassador, Esteban enjoys reading, swimming, theater, and acting.

His ‘Why’: I've witnessed firsthand the challenges within the Ecuadorian health system. My personal journey motivates me to contribute towards. enhancing healthcare accessibility, and ROMP offers a platform to directly impact lives in need. Becoming a global ambassador aligns perfectly with my goals of effecting positive change.

Favorite ROMP Moment: My favorite moment during ROMP brigades is when patients, after receiving their prosthetic devices, leave with newfound motivation and hope for a better quality of life. Seeing them walk away empowered fuels my passion for this cause.

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